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Create your Adventure

We are all told, “live your life to the fullest” and we are here to do just that, at  OUTDOOR FOCUS  we strive to create the adventure you need in your life

Find all the adventures activities in one place, that will suite any type of family.


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River Sports


River Cruises

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Ocean Sports

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Nature Outings

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About us

At Outdoor Focus we are all about the Outdoors, adventure, fun and
preserving our environment, this passion is evident in our surroundings,
from our educational drive regarding litter and from what we sell in our
From the outside of the shop to the inside of the shop it's all about
looking after our environment and having loads of fun while doing it.

The Eastern Cape is home to some of the best beaches in all of South Africa,
we have some breath taking rivers, sand dunes, ocean views and natural
scenery in Port Alfred and surrounding areas.
Our activities that we offer takes advantage of what we are surrounded by.
Port Alfred boasts a wealth of flora and fauna, our coastal waters are also
rich in marine life, with abundant dolphins and the occasional whale spotted
from the beaches.
Port Alfred and the surrounding areas is a treasure trove for those
interested in history, so for those that are not wanting all adventure there
is still loads to do.

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Port Alfred |​  076 593 0749
         Kenton on Sea | 071 197 0971                                      

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